5 Travel Destinations For Empaths

 Empaths LOVE to travel. Being the free spirit that we are, travel quenches our thirst for adventure and brings out the romance in our souls. We have a physical need for relaxation and solitude yet we love to meet new people – in moderation of course and only if they don’t take all of our energy away from us. Some destinations are better suited to these specific preferences than others. Included is a list of some of the most enticing travel destinations around the world for an empath.

#1 Bali

  Bali, a magical island in Indonesia, is the perfect place to find solitude and seek spiritual awareness. Known as the Island of The Gods, Bali is saturated with spiritual retreats, healers, and temples. The locals are warm and friendly and there is no shortage of fresh, unique and delicious food to try. Volcanic mountains, coconut forests, and endless beaches are sure to entice your adventurous spirit.

To your benefit, Bali is fairly inexpensive, so you should have no trouble finding comfortable lodging at an affordable price. Does swimming under a tropical waterfall or taking a nap on a plush daybed, in your own personal treehouse, high above the rainforest sound like a marvelous idea? Great! Time to pack your bags.

#2 Paris

  Paris may not be the most obvious choice for Empaths because of its reputation as a top tourism destination. But Paris is actually a wonderful place for observing, and spending time alone. There are plenty of world-class museums and beautiful parks for inspiration. Does a picnic along the Seine with some wine and cheese sound like heaven to you? Of course, it does, Empaths love to eat good food. Paris is wildly famous for its’ gastronomy and there are enough quaint cafes to keep you satisfied and intrigued for days.

With its’ winding medieval streets, inspiring architecture and plenty of Parisians wanting to seduce you with food, wine, music, and art, it is no wonder Paris is called the City Of Love. A perfect place to make any Empaths romantic heart flutter. It might be time to book that ticket and spend your days as a flâneur (a person who likes to stroll and idle about the streets). If you avoid tourist season, I promise you will have the time of your life!

#3 Little Corn Island

It might seem like a trek to get there, but I can assure you, there is no better place for rest, rejuvenation, and relaxation than on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua. If leaving behind the “hustle and bustle” and relaxing on an almost secluded tropical beach is what you seek; you won’t mind taking a plane, a puddle jumper and then a boat to get there. Hey, aren’t you an adventure seeker anyway? Not only is Little Corn Island 1.1 square miles total, but there are also no cars allowed on the island which makes it so much easier to really unplug.

Imagine spending your day snorkeling in Turquoise Blue waters, taking a nap in a hammock under a palm tree, making new friends with the monkeys or go horseback riding through the jungle. Then, picture yourself eating a dinner of fresh crab and lobster, drinking out of coconuts and then retiring to your little hut to fall asleep to the sound of the waves crashing. Ahhh, I wish I was there now. The best part is that Nicaragua is extremely cheap, you can literally live like a King or Queen on a very small budget. Perfecto!

#4 Volpaia

  Volpaia is one of the gems of the Chianti region in Tuscany Italy. This small fortified village with its’ cobblestone streets stole my heart the second I arrived. Surrounded by olive gardens, rolling vineyards, and medieval architecture, Volpaia is an Empath’s dream! Did I forget to mention that there are many world-class wineries located within a mile of the village? Tucked away enough to ensure plenty of solitude, yet just popular enough to attract interesting wine aficionados from all over the world you will never get bored.

If you feel lazy after a long hard day of reading and drinking gorgeous wine, pop over to one of the two Michelin starred restaurants in the village and feast on some of the best Italian food you will EVER eat. Praise the food enough and you will most likely become best friends with the “Momma” and her two daughters who own them. Just be careful, if they like you, they will bring you fresh figs in the morning. Can you believe the audacity! Pack your bags quick and please take me with you!

#5 The Oregon Coast

  Many people equate American beach towns to a party scene not unlike those in Florida, Texas or California. However, the Oregon Coast offers a very different beach vibe, one that’s perfect for Empaths. The beaches are captivatingly beautiful, mystical, and mysterious. Fog often rolls over the coast, making you feel like you’re the only one around. Dramatic cliffs, rocky outcroppings, and thick forests make up this area, which makes it great for nature lovers and romantics who need some alone time. Who doesn’t want to sit in their cabin beside a crackling fire, hot tea in one hand and a board game or a canvas for painting in another?

If you need some human contact, take a day or overnight trip to Portland and spend the day meandering through the little craft and specialty shops. Portland has an amazing food scene and is a mecca for beer lovers. A great place to satisfy your foodie cravings. Accommodations in Oregon are pretty reasonable, particularly if you don’t go in high season. I think you might find everything you are looking for and then some along this beautiful and refreshing coastline.

To Sum It All Up


It’s good to remember that respecting your own needs and planning ahead will always ensure a successful trip. Schedule time to re-charge while traveling and take plenty of time for yourself. To get some tips on how to Re-charge While Traveling CLICK HERE. Hope you enjoyed this post. 

For more information on each travel destination I have included my favorite travel links to continue your research:

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