I have always been a multi-passionate person who is obsessed with travel.

In college, I was THAT person who couldn’t pick their major until I was practically forced too. I may have even changed my major a few times.  But that’s a story I can tell you over a glass of wine, another day.

The point is, there have always been many careers and skills that interest me. It never felt right to choose just one. However, back in those days, being multi-passionate wasn’t as socially accepted in the college environment.  I was often told I was unfocused. That wasn’t the case AT ALL, but I digress. 

So following the herd, I took the suggestions of my family and advisors, and picked a major. I chose marketing at the time. A major that would allow me to be creative in a broad array of areas. 

Turned out, I was really good at marketing strategy and I did learn alot. However, it became VERY clear to me, very quickly, that I was NOT cut out for corporate America.

But like many, I got caught up in it all, for far too long, and I became unhappy and very unfulfilled. 

So What Changed? 




One night, after a particularly soul crushing day of work,  I read a Forbes article about two multi-passionate, highly skilled women who were following their dreams of having a career while traveling.

Eureka….. had I FINALLY found my people??


 Not only were they SUCCEEDING, but they were trying to teach other women how to do the same. Whoah!


Insert The Bucketlist Bombshells Academy into my life. 


I mean…..  c’mon was this real?

Work while traveling?  I had been trying to figure out how I could make that work FOREVER. Sounded a little too good to be true, if I can be honest. 

I can admit, I was a little skeptical at first. But as I looked deeper into the course material, read their mission, and saw how much value was being offered, I was hooked. 


-I am the boss of a my own Virtual Assistant and Digital Marketing company.


-I work 100% remotely. I travel whenever, and wherever I want.


-Most importantly, as an entrepreneur, it is COMPLETELY acceptable and even encouraged to be multi-passionate, and continually learn new skills to help my business grow.  


P.S. The photo is of me and my husband at our recent wedding in Positano Italy. I worked the day before my wedding, and during my honeymoon.  Via my laptop!


Today, I am happy, passionate, and in control of my professional life.

 I have a direction, a purpose, and I feel I have found the  career that I have belonged to all along.

It took determination and hard work of my own of course, but I owe ALOT of what got me to this point to The Bucketlist Bombshells, and the courses they provide.


I mean…… I design WordPress websites now ya’ll. ME! Can you believe it?



So Let’s Talk Courses…….

By now, I have taken and enjoyed all three courses. Each one is jam packed with valuable skills. Although they are really designed to work together, you can take one at a time.

The course that was the most pivotal for me was the TECH COURSE, and so I will be talking more about that below.

AN OVERVIEW OF THE TECH COURSE and my favorite modules

Motivation-Time Management-Mindset


One of the things I adore about the beginning of the tech course, is that it focuses on not only getting your confidence and mindset to the level it should be, but It also gives you guidance and a foundation on how to best manage your time to be successful in the course… and in life. 

When I started, I REALLY needed that guidance, and I often go back into the course and retake this part as a constant motivator.


I love that they continually add new concepts and ideas. As a lifetime member, I can always continue learning. 








Building A Website That Converts

Well… this was my favorite part of the course I think. I love that they give you some very in depth technical foundations, yet they teach it to you in a very creative way.

I walked into the course being a little intimated, and walked out feeling like a web design queen! 

I now build WordPress websites for my clients, and I LOVE  it.

How To Be A Social Media Manager

Before I took this part of the course, I already had some experience managing social media accounts. 

But it wasn’t until I got into the nitty gritty of this module, did I really understand how much there is to know about social media management.

Truth be told, the social media world and strategies are forever changing. I know I will always have to keep learning and growing in this area. But this course really helped me to define which platforms I loved, and gave me the skills to not only create and grow my own profiles, but help my clients out too.

My favorite part of this module that I found invaluable, was the social media strategy lessons. I use them every day. 

 Email Marketing

This is an area that I am just starting to become passionate about. I use email marketing and funnels in my business currently, but this is still something I am still learning to master. The email marketing module inside this course is…well……. Ahhhh-mazing!

So far I have learned everything from which platform to use, to building opt in forms,  to automation.

I still go back and take a refresher of this course from time to time, because I continue to learn something new whenever I do. 


The other goodies

The above are just my top three favorite modules inside the tech course. But I  can’t forget to mention the other fun stuff that is included: 

Blog Management

-Building Landing and Sales Pages

-Building A Portfolio

-A Dedicated Facebook Group

-A Certificate Of Completion 

And So Much More…..

Once finished with this course, you will not only be a TECH SAVVY QUEEN…. but you will be ready and able to take on some clients! 


I got my first client, two days after I finished this course, and they are still my client to this day! 

I couldn’t be happier to leave this review for Cassie, Shay and for The Bucketlist Bombshell Courses. You helped give me the confidence to accept and value that I am multi passionate person. I no longer doubt my abilities, or think I am weird because I am interested in being good at many things. Not focused my arse!

WIth your innovation and grit, you have created a whole new meaning to the term digital nomad. I hope you realize how much you have paved the way for so many of us women and VIRTUAL boss babes to feel free, empowered and to be ourselves. 

My life was changed with your courses. 

From The Bottom Of My Heart, 

Thank You! xo

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