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Virtual Assistant Testimonial

Holly is a team player! She was a member of my Ambassador team that helped manage my Facebook group of over 40k.

She did a fabulous job of making sure that our group remained a fun and safe place to connect and build relationships within the Virtual Assistant community. Holly not only interacted within the group itself, but she also made sure to keep open communication with our team.

I would totally recommend Holly to help manage your community! 

-Abbey Ashley, Founder Of The Virtual Savvy

Lesley Ross Testimonial

I have had the pleasure and great fortune of working with Holly for the last few years as my virtual EA. I can’t say enough good things about her.

Holly’s communication is outstanding – both internal and external, her attention to detail is impeccable, and she continually finds ways to improve our collaboration, even after years of working together.

Holly is excellent at taking complex projects or messy communication and removing chaos, identifying actions, and streamlining follow-up. Her project management skills make her exceptional at her role, diligently ensuring all actions are moved forward in a timely manner, and all progress is communicated clearly and consistently. I have never had to ask Holly twice for a single thing, and she proactively communicates progress on all items in motion to ensure I consistently have confidence in the forward movement. Top it all off, her smile and positive attitude make working with her joyful! I’m excited to continue working with Holly into the future, and highly recommend her to others as well.

-Lesley, General Partner Of Enjoy The Work-Founder Of Quantified Ardor

Testimonial for Holly Pulford

Life before Holly was way less efficient.

She is my go to person when I need collaboration on a detailed and organized project. She has an uncanny ability to keep many plates spinning at a time throughout her day without losing her cool. I never even consider “looking over her shoulder” because time and time again her work has been perfection!

It’s a relief to have a colleague like Holly to say the least. I can hand a project to Holly and have total faith it will be completed ahead of schedule and at the highest standard. The feedback I receive from the firm partners that she supports is 100% positive! They beg me to never take Holly away from them. She has supported them at such an executive level they have increased their portfolios and now enjoy stress free daily workflows.

This kind of commitment to excellence on Holly’s part washes over the entire company and we all reap the benefits. I encourage you to ask Holly to be part of your team! But don’t take her from us!

-Kiki, Online Business Manager & Team Leader Of Enjoy The Work 

Testimonial from John at The Craftsman Bar and Kitchen for Wanderlust Virtual Solutions.

I’ve worked with Holly for the past seven years. She has helped me with a wide array of tasks that range from social media management, building my website, event planning, human resources, administrative, and business development.

She has always gone above and beyond her duties to make sure everything she is tasked to do is completed on time and professionally. She takes every job very seriously and with passion. 

She is an asset to any company, and there isn’t a duty or problem that she cannot handle. To be honest, she is a rock star, and I don’t give out compliments lightly.

-John, Owner Of The Craftsman Bar and Kitchen

Testimonial about Wanderlust Virtual Solutions

Holly has that highly sought after ability to learn quickly and execute with little need for oversight. She’s an extremely valuable part of our marketing efforts at Enjoy The Work and I’m quite fortunate to work with her on a daily basis. Having her support makes my role noticeably better!

-Ben, Marketing Manager Of A Plan Coaching-Formerly Of Enjoy The Work 

Shay Brown Testimonial

Holly was an incredible asset to our team! The care and attention she provided our students when helping them with their student work was above and beyond. Our students felt connected to Holly in the same way they felt connected to us.

Holly is an expert in her field and easily guided our students to greater success. Our student success rate was amplified by having Holly on our team.

I highly recommend Holly, she was a joy to work with and fit into our company culture perfectly. The work she delivered was always insightful, on point, and above and beyond. I can’t speak highly enough about her. I would 100% rehire Holly in the future if we bring back our online course communities.

-Shay, Co-founder & COO Of Bucketlist Bombshells

Stefanie Grassley Testimonial

I interviewed quite a few VAs and Holly really stuck out as someone I’d enjoy talking to and working with – she’s someone you want on your team! 

 I have a lot of different tasks and Holly went through them one by one like a champ. She rescued my inbox from utter chaos and when she sent me a project she was working on to see if she was going in the right direction – I actually CRIED! Tears of joy of course. I was so happy Holly made my vision come to life with very little instruction from me. Her work makes my life so much easier and my business run so much smoother.

She is a fantastic writer and writes emails from me better than I can myself . She’s professional, kind, fair and a hard worker. 10/10!

-Stefanie, Owner Of Ristonchi Castle

Devan Batavia Testimonial

I had the pleasure to work with Holly over the last few years as my Executive Assistant and additionally through her support as Program Coordinator.

Holly is efficient, organized, and an excellent communicator. Her attention to detail, and her ability to anticipate needs made my daily workflow easier and streamlined. I never worried about what was ahead because I knew that Holly would always have it handled. The thing that impressed me the most was how she took care of things unknown to me – she was proactive in keeping the waters calm for me.

Above all, Holly has a friendly demeanor and the communication between us was always enjoyable. Although I will miss working with her, I highly recommend her.

-Devan, General Partner Of Enjoy The Work 

Holly is a wonderful and easy person to work with. She is not only flexible and creative, but she is a great listener.

She always takes the time to hear, and understand all ideas and points of view. Because of that, she always finds a way to turn goals and ideas into a successful reality. She is excellent at explaining what I need to help move the company forward.

Holly works quickly and is able to switch hats easily to juggle different areas of marketing.

Last and most importantly, Holly is truly a people person and makes others around her feel comfortable in sharing their ideas, so that the end product is a close representation of the personality and brand of the business.

Thank you for everything Holly. We can’t wait to work with you again soon.

-Jill, Co-founder Of Willow Spa 

Testimonial about Wanderlust Virtual Solutions

I am so happy to be able to leave this testimonial about Holly! There are so many ways she has helped me with my business that I don’t even know where to start.

First, I can say Holly is a lovely writer and she has helped me with my blog and other writing projects on days when I literally wanted to pull my hair out. Holly always eases my fears because she listens to me about what I really want and the message I am trying to convey. She has helped me with everything from managing my blogs and social media, design, photo-editing and more.

I know she puts all of her energy and heart into every project. I trust her because she always delivers. Work with her. She’s THE best! 

-Alycia, Co-founder Of A Legit Life 

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